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Virtual Quality Improvement Classes
These virtual classes will provide participants with fundamental tools and concepts in Quality Improvement (QI) while providing basic knowledge on understanding the scope of your problem, measuring your efforts, and designing and implementing tests of change. After completing the entire series, participants will be able to begin a successful QI journey or improve a project that was not as successful as anticipated.

Suggested Class Order
When the classes below are taken in order, participants will track the steps of tackling a Quality Improvement project from beginning to end, although you may complete classes individually to suit your project needs.

Click on a class name below to register:

Principles of Quality and Safety            

Lean Fundamentals

Assessing the Current State

Building the Right Team

Data for Quality Improvement 

Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycles 

Human Factors Design

Sustaining Change

Storytelling: Making Your QI Presentation Your QI Story

Important Registration Note
When you register for a virtual class, there will be only one option for "preferred class date." This date will be in the future. Select that date and you will have 1 year to access the class content. This date will also appear on your certificate of completion from Wolff Learning Academy.

Quality Improvement Tools, Templates, and Resources

Wolff Learning Academy also offers a collection of tools, templates, and resources for any participant to use that can help make any QI project run smoothly.

View QI Tools, Templates, and Resources