Quality Improvement Education

To meet the needs of our customers, the Wolff Learning Academy offers on-demand virtual and live, interactive Quality Improvement (QI) education options. Scroll to choose the option that best fits your needs.

Virtual, On-Demand Quality Improvement Classes

These courses are for the independent learner looking for an introduction to the QI process or who have some experience with QI but need help to make projects more successful. These classes provide knowledge, skills, and tools to help participants understand QI principles and begin a QI project.

Live, Interactive Quality Improvement Classes

The live courses are intended for participants who have had some exposure to QI already. Classes are held virtually in a workshop format or in-person when possible with discussion and activities to demonstrate the principles being discussed. It is highly recommended that participants take the suggested virtual classes before signing up for the live, interactive classes as instructors will assume that participants have that baseline knowledge.

Annual Quality Improvement Education Courses

Each year, Wolff Learning Academy supports two structured, multiple-day courses for clinical, operational, and/or medical leaders with a desire to improve outcomes for system-wide goals. Both courses (QES and AQES) require an application for admission and support from your business unit leadership due to a larger time commitment and project completion expectations.

Quality Improvement Tools, Templates, and Resources

When you have the right tools, any project runs smoother. Wolff Learning Academy provides a collection of QI tools, templates, and resources to help any project succeed.