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Live, Interactive Virtual Quality Improvement Classes

These live, interactive virtual classes go deeper into the application of Quality Improvement (QI) methodology through activities and examining real-world projects. If you have completed the corresponding virtual courses, these classes lead participants through the process of translating theory into practice by using actual examples of projects to demonstrate the QI principles being examined.

Registration and Suggested Prerequisites
It is highly recommended that participants complete the relevant online modules before registering for the live classes. Instructors will touch on basic concepts during the live, interactive session, but they will not go deep into details as most of the class time is spent applying the material to scenarios. Recommended virtual classes are listed below for each live, interactive virtual class.  By clicking on the class titles below, you will be taken to the relevant registration page. 

Register for Assessing the Current State

Recommended completion: Assessing the Current State (virtual)

Register for Connecting the Dots with Data: Introduction to Quality Data Analysis

Recommended completion: Data for Quality Improvement

Register for Legos: Lessons from Lean

Recommended completion: Lean Fundamentals

Register for Tackling Quality Improvement Using Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycles and Human Factors Design

Recommended completions: 
Plan-Do Study-Act (PDSA): A Toolkit for Implementing PDSA Cycles
Human Factors Design


Quality Improvement Tools, Templates, and Resources

Wolff Learning Academy also offers a collection of tools, templates, and resources for any participant to use that can help make any QI project run smoothly. 

View QI Tools, Templates, and Resources