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Patient Safety Education and Resources

Scroll through this page for educational content that can improve patient safety outcomes. 

Patient Safety Officer Essentials - Content in Development

This is a comprehensive program designed to provide UPMC Patient Safety Leaders (Patient Safety Specialists, Physicians, Clinicians, Leadership) the knowledge and skills needed to initiate and support improved patient safety outcomes within the framework of UPMC safety-related policies, practices, and expectations. Although the modules may be completed in sequence or according to the participant's needs, new Patient Safety Officers and Specialists will be required to complete each section of the module to fulfill orientation requirements.

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For those who are not required to complete the entire curriculum, registration for individual sections of content covered Patient Safety Officer Essentials is below. 

Introduction to Patient Safety - Content in Development

This module provides an introduction to the beginning of the patient safety movement, the patient safety role, and how that role functions within the framework of UPMC.
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Regulatory and System Governance - Content in Development

An in-depth look at agencies that guide patient safety specialists, including Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), The Joint Commission, and the Department of Health (DOH), is provided within this module along with how the agencies intersect to dictate system patient safety responsibilities.
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Patient Safety Reporting, Event Review and Analysis
Within this module, patient safety events are examined across the spectrum from voluntary reporting through state and patient reporting followed by event analysis principles. This module provides instructions on how to report through UPMC's incident reporting platform RiskMaster. Topics include the MCARE Act, the Patient Safety Authority, PA-PSRS, and accessing RiskMaster.
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Risk Management and Legal - Content in Development

Patient safety specialists work closely with the risk management and legal departments when an adverse event occurs. This module will introduce you to event coding and the Riskmaster system along with processes in place for risk management and legal interactions or escalation.
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Applications and Systems (Tools & Tips) - Content in Development
This module provides an overview of electronic applications that allow the patient safety specialist to gather information and perform vital analytical and reporting job functions. Tools and resources for managing and analyzing information are also provided.
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Patient Informed Consent Update

This course provides updated information for healthcare providers regarding when and how to obtain a patient's informed consent. 
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Patient Safety Clips

This page offers short video clips about patient safety tools, PPE application, and testimonials.
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