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Shared Decision Making Skills Course for Providers
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Shared Decision Making
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This is a virtual course with online content.
Claire Muszalski, Lisa Sheehan
Claire Muszalski, Lisa Sheehan 
Dawn Beam 
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The target audience for this course is physicians and advanced practice providers. Limited registration exists for these groups, but we hope to expand registration in the future. You will receive an email confirming registration if approved. 

Shared Decision Making is the process of helping patients understand and participate in all of their health care decisions. Patients who understand the risks and benefits of all possible options feel empowered to partner with their clinicians to make the decision that is best for them. This course provides opportunities to learn and practice the key skills to help your patients become partners in their healthcare decisions.


When you register for a class you will be prompted to login. If you do not have a WLA user account, follow the instructions on the login screen to create an account. You can then register for a class after the account creation process is complete.